Important dates and time limits

Here is a list of important dates and reference points you need to know about relating to your application after it has been filed.

Enter your filing date

Filing date

The date on which you submit your patent application to PRV and the following are included:

  • an application document
  • a description of the invention
  • one or more patent claims
  • an abstract
  • any drawings
  • Contact details for you, the applicant

If the requirements concerning filing date are met, you will receive a notification from us that the filing date has been determined.

Technical notice

A technical notice is sent to you when the supervising engineer has conducted an initial assessment of your application and the potential to grant a patent. The notice addresses any deficiencies in the application and you are given the opportunity to rectify or challenge these within a specific time limit. The technical notice gives you the first indication of whether your invention has the potential to be granted a patent.

Deadline for applying for a patent in other countries

In order for your Swedish patent application not to anticipate the same application abroad, you need to file any foreign applications within twelve months of the filing date in Sweden.

The application is published

A patent application is published no later than 18 months and one day after the filing date. However, an applicant is able to request that the application be published earlier than this.

Approximate processing time for a Swedish application

The time taken to process a patent application can vary depending on its complexity and how many notices and responses are sent between PRV and the applicant. Consequently, it is not possible in advance to give a precise estimate of the processing time for your application, but an approximate processing time is said to be around two years from the filing date.


Various fees have to be paid as the application is being processed.

You can find a complete price list here