Pay the annual fee – maintain the rights

In order to maintain your exclusive right, you must pay a fee each year – an annual fee.

There is no fee the first two years after the date of application, the first annual fee is due when the patent enters into its third year. This also applies if your patent application is still pending. After the first payment a fee shall be paid annually. The annual fee must be paid in advance and have been received by PRV at the latest on the due date, which is the last day of the first month of the fee year. The fee year starts the day after your patent application was filed.

Right amount

The annual fees increase gradually during the patent term. In order to be sure that you pay the right amount, you should check what the annual fee is on this website.

No invoice

You must remember yourself to pay the fee at the right time and the right amount, as PRV will not send you an invoice.

20% higher fee

If you do not pay the annual fee by the due date, you have the possibility of paying the amount plus a 20% increase within six months. This payment can only be made by bank transfer. If the increased fee is not paid within that time, the patent is annulled and you have lost your exclusive right.

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