Complete your application

Here, you can find information on what to do once you have filed a PCT application.

In order for your PCT application to be able to lead to a patent, you must continue to the so-called national or regional phase. You do so by completing your PCT application in the countries in which you want to have protection. You can also complete your international application with a regional authority, such as the EPO.

The national and regional patent authorities then take the PCT reports as help in determining if a patent is to be granted or not. In most cases, the patent authorities follow the PCT authority’s recommendations, but they are not bound to them.

Language and how to complete the PCT application

The way of completing a PCT application is not completely identical for all countries. You should therefore find out in advance what applies for the countries you want to complete in (see PCT Applicant’s Guide).

It is common that you need to file an application with the documents you want to complete with together with providing the application number for your PCT application. You also need to pay an application fee.

Normally, you must file a national application in the language of that country; a representative who resides there is also often required. In the national phase, you must accordingly expect relatively high costs for translations, national application fees and representative compensation. In Sweden, you can complete your application in English as well. For requirements in the respective countries, refer to the PCT Applicant’s Guide.

When do you have to complete your application?

For most countries, your application must be completed in the national or regional phase within 30 or 31 months of the priority date. In a few countries, the time limit is shorter if you have not gone through phase II.

Assessment phase – phase II

If you want to complete your PCT application in Sweden, you must do so within 31 months of the priority date. If you have not invoked any priority in your PCT application, you must complete within 31 months of the filing date of the PCT application.

Decide well in advance which countries you want to complete your application in and carefully check what time limits apply for each country. There is a list in the PCT Applicant’s Guide.

PCT Applicant’s Guide, WIPO (external website)