Pen with scanner

With a machine as small as a pen, you can transfer text from paper directly into a computer. Christer Fåhraeus invented the C-pen.

Modern highlighter

Christer Fåhraeus, C-pen.When you drag the so called C-pen over the text, it stores and deciphers letters, numbers or figures. The C-pen works by registering images which overlap each other and then fits them together into one single image. The pen can be used as a highlighter where chosen parts of a text can easily be transferred to a computer for example.

Translation assistance

The first model was launched in 1998 and over the years, development has continued. Today for example, it is possible to translate text with the help of the pen. The invention is currently manufactured and developed in a company run by Christer Fåhraeus himself.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

Edited 2022-04-12