Patent grant

A patent application is granted when the granting decision is published in the Swedish Patent Gazette.

We will grant your patent application once we have approved your patent application and you have paid the granting fee.

The patent application is granted on the day we announce the decision in the Swedish Patent Gazette. We also publish the full patent specification. The patent can be obtained online via the Swedish Patent Database. PRV's customer support can send you a patent letter, which consists of the printed patent specification with a cover page, free of charge, on your demand.

Valid for a maximum of 20 years

This exclusive patent right can be upheld for maximum 20 years from the filing date, provided that you keep paying the stipulated annual fee.


Anyone, with the exception of the patentee, may file an opposition to the patent within a nine month period after the patent is granted. PRV will notify you immediately if we receive such an opposition, and when the nine-month period is over we will handle the opposition and decide if the patent can be upheld, either as granted or in an amended form. PRV can also decide to revoke the patent.

Postponement of grant

If the application file is not yet publicly available, it will be made public when the patent is granted. By requesting postponement of the patent grant the publication of the file may be delayed, but no longer than until 18 months from the filing date, or priority date where applicable. You must request the postponement no later than when you pay the granting fee.