PCT commission

With the PCT commission, the customer who has submitted a national application to an authority other than PRV, can get a quick response corresponding to a PCT search report.

This report can later be used in the PCT-application on the condition that the PCT-application is filed at PRV.

We do PCT searches in a format that allows a discount in PCT's international phase.

The result

You get a quick response, corresponding to a PCT search report.

Our searches

When the PCT commission reaches PRV Consulting, a search is planned in the same way as if an application had been filed at PRV. The search is carried out approximately 5-7 months after the application date, with the same time aspect as for a national application where the search is planned with respect to the updating of our databases.

Benefit of the service

With the PCT commission, you who have submitted a national application to an authority other than PRV, can get a quick response corresponding to a PCT search report.

Request a service

In order to make full use of this service and the opportunity of a discounted PCT search fee, the PCT application must be filed at PRV. In order for this to be possible, the applicant must have Swedish citizenship or be resident in Sweden. If none of the applicants have Swedish citizenship or live in Sweden, but one of them has another Nordic citizenship or lives in another Nordic country, the application can be filed at the International Bureau (IB) and state PRV as the ISA authority

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What does it cost?

A PCT commission is carried out at a fixed price, SEK 28 500. 
Discounts are then applicable to the PCT search fee according to the principles that apply for refunds to a PCT-application when a national application with ITS is invoked. The maximum discount is equal to the sum of the fees paid for the national application + ITS. The discount (50% or 100%) is determined by the extent to which the search may be based, entirely or in part, on the previous search.

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The delivery time is normally 12 working days. Express delivery options are often available.

Important to know

The information required for this service should be based on an application with a priority date from another authority. PRV carries out searches according to the European patent practice.

In a PCT commission, the customer always has contact with the patent examiner at PRV. In those cases where the basic information (application) lacks unity, is complex or contains other formal flaws, this contact will be used. In a PCT commission, there is also the possibility for the customer to decide how the search will be set up. When an application contains more than one invention, the customer can decide which one of the inventions should be searched. Other inventions can also be searched on payment of a supplementary fee, based on our standard quotation procedure.

For contact and questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact PRV Consulting.

Email to PRV Consulting

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 00

Additional service: Monitoring services

Please bear in mind that a result from a search reflects the situation of today. However, the patent documentation increases with 10 000’s of newly published patent documents every week, a fact which of course could have an effect on your search result. If you should be in need of continuous information – talk to us and we will prepare a monitoring profile.

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Please observe

We aim to carry out all requests accurately and thoroughly, but due to the extensive amount of information involved we cannot guarantee that the results are always exhaustive.