The media habits of the general public

We are streaming like never before, everything from music to films to TV series, e-books, games and sport. In spite of this, many people feel unsure about whether the sites they are streaming from are legal or not, and for some people it does not matter. These are some of the results from PRV’s survey about the general public’s views on streaming and downloading.

Our first survey focussed on the target group, people aged 18–79, and the other on young people, aged 12–16. We wanted to find out what the driving forces are behind streaming, how people use digital services legally and illegally, and what attitudes are behind this.

Did you know that ...?

  • We like to stream. A total of 86% of adults aged 18–29 download or stream often or very often. Almost 70% of young people watch films, sport or TV series online at least once a week.
  • The selection available is the determining factor. A total of 70% of everyone aged 18–79 thinks that a good selection is the most important factor when choosing digital sites, even more important than whether the site is legal or not. The fact that the site is free is especially important for young people.
  • Both young people and adults stream from sites with illegal content. A full 20% of adults, half of young adults. Among young people, 39% use these sites, while 17% are unsure whether the sites they visit are illegal or not.
  • Unique material is the primary reason for young people to use illegal sites. Many do not have or are not aware of legal alternatives.
  • Both young people and adults believe it would be beneficial to have more information about the available legal alternatives.

Why did we carry out the survey?

PRV has been tasked by the Government with raise awareness of copyright in digital environments. With the aid of the surveys, we wanted to find out what young people and adults know about copyright and what their attitudes are to streaming and illegal downloading of films, TV series and other digital material.

What does copyright have to do with streaming and downloading?

Illegal downloading and streaming turns over large amounts of money each year. The people behind the illegal sites make big money on the advertisements on these sites, money that is also used for other criminal activities. The rights holders who have made or participated in the films and series do not get any compensation.