In the mind of the streamer

In 2017, PRV conducted an attitude survey into copyright, aimed at members of the general public aged 18-79. The purpose was to increase knowledge of copyright in digital environments and in due course to contribute to a change in attitude.

The survey in numbers

  • 86% of all people aged 18-29 download or stream often or very often.
  • 12% of all people aged 65-79 download or stream often or very often.
  • 60% believe that it would be beneficial to have information about the copyright holder’s conditions.
  • 40% never find out whether or not the copyright holder receives compensation.

The majority believe that information about the copyright holder’s approval is valuable, but most do not check who is behind the site from which they download or stream.

Selection available decisive

For 40% of men and 27% of women, it is not important or less important that the copyright holder has given approval for the material to be downloaded or streamed. 70% of respondents feel that the selection available is largely the determining factor.  

Young men stream more often

It is primarily young men who download and stream. In the group that downloads and streams the most, those under the age of 30, the copyright holder’s conditions are the least important variable when choosing a site for downloading or streaming. Whether or not the copyright holder receives payment is also less important.

There are no geographical differences in attitude. Whether people live in a city or in a rural area had no effect on the result.

The interview-based survey was conducted together with Sifo and involved around 2,000 respondents. The respondents were aged 18-79.