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Trading with other countries

For those of you who want to launch your company or product in another country, we have gathered tips and advice on what is good to think about when it comes to your intangible assets.

Export strategy and agreements

It is important that you map your company's intangible assets, describe how they should be used and protected in an international market. It affects your business strategy. Also consider what agreements you need.

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Make an intellectual property strategy

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In which countries should I apply for intellectual property rights?

You should apply for trademark, patent and design in the countries where you operate, for example, where you manufacture or sale your product.

Gain protection in other countries

If you sell to other countries, make sure that a similar trademark, patent or design is not registered by anyone else there. If you do not, you risk infringing on someone else.

Digital market is international market

The website where you promote your business, your goods or services is accessible globally. If you have information in other languages, such as English, the site will be found by search engines and exposed in many other countries. Thus, you are in markets abroad where you may need to protect your intangible assets.


Piracy can affect any company that produces and sells goods. For preventive purposes, you should submit an "application for action" to Swedish Customs, as the customs more easily can identify and stop suspected pirated copies.

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Free international advice

The European Commission has taken the initiative to IPR Helpdesks, which are international advisory organisations for SMEs in the EU. They give you free advice on how to protect and safeguard your intellectual property rights in different markets of the world.

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