How long will it take?

Here, you can find out what factors will impact on how long it will take for your application to be processed.


When you apply for an EU trademark via the EUIPO, there is a fast-track procedure. This takes half the time compared with an ordinary trademark application.

Read about the process that is followed when the EUIPO assesses your application for an EU trademark (external website).

Once you have submitted an application for an international trademark registration, PRV will start by checking that it fulfils the applicable formal requirements. WIPO will then carry out a formal assessment. If your application passes this assessment, the countries you have decided to apply to will have 12-18 months to assess the validity of the international registration in the country concerned based on their own trademark laws and regulations.

International trademark application


It always takes at least six months from the date of submission of your patent application until your application will start to be assessed. This is because every database around the world must have had time to be updated to ensure that you really are the first person to come up with your invention. The length of time it takes before you get your patent varies considerably.


If you have submitted an application to WIPO for an international registration, your application will be processed in each country you are applying for. The processing times in each country can vary, but it usually takes no more than six months.

When you apply for an EU design via the EUIPO, you can use a fast-track service. Your design will then be registered in two working days (provided that your design meets the requirements of course).

Find out more about EUIPO’s fast-track service here.