International trademark registration

You can apply for an international registration of your trademark via PRV. To be able to do so, you must have filed a Swedish trademark application or already have a trademark registered with PRV. 

You can apply to the WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization, for an international registration in all the countries and organisations that have acceded to the “Madrid Protocol”, at present more than 100 countries. 

Madrid Protocol, WIPO

Madrid Monitor

This is how it works 

  • To be able to make an application, you must have a Swedish trademark application or registration. 
  • Fill in the application form (MM2) and send it to PRV by email. 
    Form MM2 can be downloaded at WIPO
  • When PRV has received your application, we examine whether it meets the formal requirements, for example that the filing date and application number of your Swedish application are stated, and whether the goods and services in the international application match the ones in the Swedish application. 
  • State a valid email address to yourself as the applicant and to a representative who is acting for you. 
  • If PRV finds any deficiencies in your application, you receive an order. An order is an initial decision from us in which we list what measures you must take to supplement your application. Your application may be dismissed if your reply is not received in time. 
  • When you have supplemented your application, PRV forwards it to WIPO. 
  • WIPO checks that your application meets the requirements of the Madrid Protocol. This can, for example, be whether you have entered the correct application date and details about the mark, goods and services and whether you have paid the application fee. After that WIPO makes an international registration and your application is forwarded to the countries/organisations you have chosen.  
  • If WIPO finds any deficiency in your application, a notice about this is sent to PRV and to you. You have to reply within three months. When you have sent your reply to PRV, we make a report to WIPO. No reply needs to be sent to PRV, if the notice only concerns WIPO’s application fee. Our report contains replies to WIPO’s observations. 
  • WIPO does not send a registration certificate direct to you, but you will be notified of what international registration number you have been given. It is only when there is an impediment to your international registration that you are notified by email or via your representative. 
  • Your application is examined by the intellectual property office of each country/organisation. If you have applied for a trademark in a regional association like the EU, for instance, your application is examined by EUIPO.  
  • The intellectual property offices of all the countries that have examined your application give you a response via WIPO’s Madrid Monitor database. If there is an impediment to approval, a provisional order is issued; you receive a notice of this from WIPO. You personally or your representative must reply to that kind of order direct to the intellectual property office. 
  • The international registrations are valid as independent registrations in every country/organisation that you have chosen in your application (designations) if they are approved there. This means that you can sell, exchange or give away parts of them or transfer parts of them in some other way.

    Madrid Monitor 

The link to your first application 

When your international registration has been granted, that registration is linked to your basic Swedish application/registration for five years.Basic application means the application that your international registration is based on.

The time period is counted from the date of the international registration. This means that if the list of goods/services in the basic Swedish application/registration is changed or that application/registration expires during these five years, the international registration is changed or expires to the same extent.


PRV charges a fee for the processing of applications for international registration.

See the list of fees for trademarks

You can calculate the fee to WIPO using their tool. Enter the following information: 

  • Office of Origin: Sweden 
  • Number of classes: The number of classes you are applying for 
  • Type: New application 
  • Tick whether you have a word mark (only text), a figure mark or some other type of trademark. 
  • You also have to tick the countries/organisations that you want WIPO to send your international application to. 
  • The programme calculates the different parts of the fee. Most countries have individual fees while others may have set fees (complementary fees). 
  • Then you fill in the different parts under the heading Fee Calculation Sheet on form MM2. 

International Registration of Marks – Fee Calculation

Guide to forms at WIPO 

This is a guide to how you fill in WIPO’s application forms MM2 and MM18, or use the electronic help form Madrid Application Assistant (MAA) and send it in to PRV. 

State an email address 

You have to state a valid email address to yourself as the person making the application (applicant) and your representative (representative) in the form. 

Fill in the application 

To make an international application you fill in form MM2 and state what countries/organisations the registration will apply in. Handwritten forms are not accepted.  

Form MM2 at WIPO 

If you want to apply for registration in the US, you also have to fill in form MM18 and enclose it with your international application. Note that in this form you have to fill in the registration number, date and owner of the basic application/registration. Basic application means the application that your international registration is based on.  

Form MM18 (external website) 

Goods and services  

Your mark in your international application must have the same appearance as in your basic application/registration. The goods and services that you state in your international application also have to be the same. So you must not add any goods and services, but you are allowed to remove goods and services. Note that goods and services must be entered in English in your international application.

Changing your registration 

You use the following forms if you want to change anything in your international registration: 

  • Transfer the whole of your international registration to a new holder (Transfer): MM5. 
  • Transfer of parts of your international registration to another holder, for example certain countries or goods or services (Partial Transfer): MM5 
  • Report a change in the name or address of the holder’s company name (Change of Holder): MM9 
  • Limit the goods and services covered by an international registration (Limitation): MM6 
  • Renounce the registration of all goods and services in one or more countries/organisations (Renunciation): MM7 
  • Cancel the registration in all countries of all or parts of the goods and services (Cancellation): MM8 

You apply direct to WIPO for these changes.