What will it cost?

Many factors impact on the cost of an international trademark, patent or design. Here, we explain the factors that will affect the price.


You pay a basic fee for EU trademark and then you pay more depend on the number of classes you wish to apply for. Applying online is cheaper than by paper application.

Find out more about EUIPO’s fees here (external website)

How much your international trademark application will cost depends on many factors, including the number of classes and countries you wish to apply for trademark protect in. WIPO has a fee calculator to help you calculate an approximate cost.

You will find this fee calculator here, WIPO (external website)


To give you a clear picture of what a patent may cost, we have put together four fictitious examples of patent costs for companies.

Fictitious examples of patent costs

How much your international patent application will cost will partly depend on the number of pages it contains, the format you submit it in and the number of countries you are submitting an application for. The charges linked to a PCT application are as follows: application fee, forwarding fee, novelty analysis fee and preliminary patentability assessment and handling fee. In some cases, you will be granted a discount on your application if it has been assessed previously.

Fees in connection with your PCT application

When you validate a European patent in Sweden, you must pay a basic fee for publication of the translation of the granted European patent. 

Price list for European patent applications


The cost of obtaining design protection will partly depend on the number of designs you wish to protect and the number of countries you want the protection to apply in.

Submit a design application throughout the EU, EUIPO (external website)

You can calculate how much your international design application will cost using the fee calculator on WIPO’s website.

Fee calculator, WIPO (external website)