Landskap med stengång i grönt gräs omgiven av lila blommor
Photo: Pxhere

Marketing methods

It is important to have a carefully thought-out strategy for managing your intangible assets before you start marketing your game.

The main marketing platform is digital marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play, Steam, etc. It can be difficult to make yourself be seen in the competition for the games market, but on the other hand, your game can very quickly go global if you do manage to stand out from the crowd. 

The main channels for marketing games are digital marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play, Steam or other digital gaming platforms. It can be challenging to stand out among all the games, but on the other hand, there is the possibility that your game can quickly gain global exposure if it differentiates from the crowd.

You should therefore think big right from the beginning, so that you maximise the value of your intellectual assets in every conceivable market

Before you upload your game to a digital marketplace, you should cross-check the following: 

  • Think through your business strategy and your potential market.
  • How will your strategy and markets impact on your intangible assets?
  • Do you have the intellectual property rights you need? 

If you have a publisher behind you, they will usually handle all marketing. 

Trade fairs

International industry fairs are an important meeting place for games developers. They are also a good opportunity to market your game to publishers and other suppliers. 

The industry organisation “The Swedish Games Industry” has a calendar showing the trade fairs and other events that are being held.