Checklist for your application

Go through your application before you submit it.

Have you:

  1. Researched the conditions and possibilities for registering your trademark?
  2. Signed the application? (you or a representative)
  3. Given the correct information about yourself (the applicant)?
  4. Given the correct information about the representative (if there is one)?
  5. Selected the type of trademark and given the required information for your trademark?
  6. Attached statutes and minutes if needed?
  7. Attached any documents necessary for your application?
  8. Filled in any information about priority (if applicable)?
  9. Entered the goods and services you want to register your trademark for?
  10. Entered the correct classes for your goods and services?
  11. Filled in the correct fee and payment method?

Keep in mind that your trademark cannot be altered once you have submitted your application.