Help with the trademark application

You can find all the information you need to submit a Swedish trademark application using a paper form, here. Keep in mind that the fee may be reduced when applying through our online application.

Application form

Use the form “Application for trademark registration” when you apply for a trademark registration. You can only apply for one trademark per form.

Applicant and representation details

  • If you are more than one applicant, all of you need to fill in your names and addresses on a separate appendix to the application.
  • If you want to specify a contact person, you must do so on the form.
  • If you have a representative, fill in the name and address of the representative on the form.

It is not required that you have a contact person or a representative.

Choice of trademark and representation of the mark

In your application you choose which kind of trademark you want to apply for. PRV distinguishes between nine different types of trademarks: word mark, figurative mark, three-dimensional mark, sound mark, colour mark, motion mark, multimedia mark, pattern mark and hologram mark.

Attach your trademark to the application. Keep in mind that it is important how you represent your trademark, it must be clear since we judge the application based on that representation.

NOTE. When you have filed your application you cannot change the trademark in a way that changes the overall impression. If you want to apply for a different trademark, you need to file a new application.

Collective, control or guarantee mark

Are you going to use your trademark as a collective, control or guarantee mark? Keep in mind that it is required that you include regulations for the use of the mark with your application.

Statutes, minutes and the like

Associations, foundations and other organizations that are not registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office must send in documents showing that they are living legal persons, for example minutes or statutes.

Associations that are registered with the Swedish Tax Agency should include their registration number in the application and attach a registration certificate.


If you have applied for registration of the same trademark in another country, you can claim priority for your Swedish application within six months from the filing date in the other country.

Under the heading “Additional information” in your application, you must state the date, country and application number.

Read more about priority dates under international protection

Goods and services

You must include information about:

  • which goods and services you want to register your trademark for
  • which class or classes your goods and services belong to

The difference between registering the trademark for goods or services can be described the following way:

  • If the trademark is the name of a store that sells bicycles and mopeds from different brands, you should choose retail services in relation to bicycles and mopeds in class 35.
  • If you use the trademark as a name for bicycles and mopeds, where the trademark is on the actual bicycle and moped, then you should choose bicycles and mopeds in class 12.  

Additions are not possible

NOTE! Keep in mind that you cannot make any additions to your list of goods and services once you have submitted your application. However, you can choose to remove goods and services that are no longer relevant or rephrase the list so the goods and services become more specific than before.

Current fee and payment methods

When you file your application, you need to pay the application fee. The fee consists of a basic fee and an additional fee for each class beyond the first class. In other words, the number of classes in your application determine how high the fee will be. Choose your payment method in the application.

The fee covers PRV’s handling of your application - not the actual registration.

As soon as your application is received by PRV the handling is considered initiated. Therefore, we cannot give you a refund of the fee, even if your trademark ends up being refused.

Name and signature

You or your representative need to sign your application by hand. The application becomes a public document once you have filed it with PRV.