Trademarks information

There are over 40 million trademarks in the world collated in a structured and searchable form. Let us explain how you can use them in order to make strategic decisions.

Commercial use of trademarks information

Here are some examples of what you can find out by searching in our databases:

  • Does the trademark I am considering registering already exist?
    You can find out whether similar trademarks have already been registered.
  • Can I increase my chances of getting my application approved?
    You can search in the databases to find out whether similar trademarks have already been registered. This will reduce the risk of your application being rejected. This will mean you avoid unnecessary costs. Even if you find something that is similar to your intended trademark, your application may still be approved if your trademark does not occur in similar sectors.
  • Can I launch my product or service on a market where someone has exclusive rights which are similar to mine?
    This can be both problematic and expensive. You can search the databases to see whether similar trademarks are already registered in your sector to make sure you do not infringe anyone else's rights. As an entrepreneur or future entrepreneur, you want to make money and the question of infringement is therefore an important one. If you end up infringing someone else's rights, you may have to pay damages or have to start again with a new trademark.
  • What new trademarks protect my competitors?
    You can monitor your competitors by regularly searching the databases for specific enterprises.
  • In which countries and geographic regions are my competitors?
    By searching for specific enterprises, you can find out which countries they have protected their trademarks in.
  • Which enterprises or competitors have the largest trademark portfolios?
    Compare companies which are of interest for your sector and see how many trademarks their portfolios contain.

Search databases and web publications

The Swedish Trademark Database contains trademark applications and trademark registrations that apply in Sweden.

Swedish Trademark Database (opens in a new window)


There are international databases, where you can search for trademarks that are valid in other markets and countries.

List of trademarks databases

In the Swedish Trademark Gazette, PRV publishes information about new registrations and renewals regarding trademarks in Sweden.

Swedish Trademark Gazette - web publications

Support for you

PRV Consulting can perform monitoring and search services for you in return for a fee.

PRV Consulting - trademark search services 

If you need further guidance, contact our customer support team.

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