Patents information

Reading and analyzing other people's patented solutions is a strategic tool for gaining knowledge as you develop new technology and your business model.

Patents mean that, while being granted exclusive rights to one's invention, one makes it public to others. The invention becomes searchable in databases and the technology becomes available.

Patents contain technical, legal and businessrelated information that can be transformed into important knowledge in your company:
Technical information - see what solutions have already been developed.
Legal information - see the patent's status, for not infringing someone else’s rights.
Businessrelated information - based on competitors' overall technology development, one can strategically position yourself, predict competition and find collaborating partners.

What are the benefits of the information?

  • Technological development – what developments will take place over time?
  • Alternative to research and development – has a solution to the problem already been developed?
  • Validity – when can the company act without infringing someone else’s rights?
  • Start-up – which are the biggest/most active actors?
  • Partners – are there potential collaboration partners?

To work with patent information

Patent information is useful for: 
External monitoring – continuous monitoring of the market.
Benchmark – compare your product with existing inventions.
Inspiration – development opportunities through the help of existing innovations. 
Big data – collect and process large volumes of raw data more effectively.
Open innovation – make your solution available and inspire new innovations.

Search databases and web publications

The Swedish Patent Database contains over 100 million technical solutions. This free information gives your business an opportunity to obtain a picture of how your markets are developing, your competitors’ technical solutions and what exists at the cutting edge of the technology.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

In the Swedish Patent Gazette, PRV publishes announcements of patent applications and patents that apply in Sweden.

Swedish Patent Gazette - web publication

There are international patent databases, where you can search for patents that are valid in other markets.

List of patent databases

Support for you

PRV Consulting can perform monitoring and search services for you in return for a fee.

PRV Consulting - patent search services 

If you need further guidance, contact our customer support team.

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Edited 2022-10-24