System for shorter flight times

With his invention, Håkan Lans has made it possible to shorten flight times. Thanks to his invention, a pilot can see the exact positions of other aircraft.

Håkan Lans systemAwareness of the immediate surroundings

Håkan Lans began inventing things already as a child and today he is one of Sweden’s most well-known modern inventors. Håkan Lans has further developed the GPS system so that it is possible to send the information to aircraft and ships. This means that pilots and captains know what the area around them looks like, which reduces the risk of collision.

Shorter flight times

Thanks to this invention, it is possible to plan flights more effectively, as it is easier to find gaps in traffic. This leads to shorter flight times and reduced fuel usage. In Håkan Lans’ patent application, it states that a plane that is delayed can be made to wait for many hours for a new take-off time. With his invention it is easier to see when there is a gap in traffic and calculate when the plane can take off. Therefore, it can be possible to increase capacity at airports without an increased risk of collision. The system, which was patented during the 1990s, can also be used for trains and cars, to name two other examples.