Questions about patents?

We can help you with all your questions about the patent process. If you are not sure whether it is a patent or another type of protection that you need, we can explain the difference between them. 

Examples of how we can help you

  • You have a patent application and are thinking of filing abroad – we can explain your options.
  • You need to research a certain area of technology – we can guide you through various databases and help you get started with your search.
  • You would like to know if a certain foreign patent is protected in Sweden, or if it can be validated in Sweden – we can let you know its current status.
  • You have questions of a technical nature and need to speak to an expert in that particular area of technology – we can put you in contact with one of our specialized examiners.

PRV's library

You have the possibility to visit us for general advice about the patent application process or if you need help getting started with a patent database search.

If you can not come during the opening hours, you can book an appointment in advance via email or telephone.

PRV's library

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