SE-Federated Register Service

SE Patent Register


  • Swedish patents
  • Swedish public patent applications
  • European patents (EP patents) validated in Sweden
  • EP applications published under §88 of the Patents Act
  • Granted EP patents where Sweden is designated (searchable in the database for six months from the EPO's grant date)
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC's) and extension of SPC's

The patent database includes all the information and documents from 1885 until the present day which are in PRV's archives.

Updating frequency: Daily

Availability of file inspection: Yes

URL to national patent register:

Availability of deep linking from FRS to national patent register: Yes

Contents provided via FRS

  FRS data Data provided Content
1  Status  Yes - Patent not validated (NO-STATUS-26)
- Patent in force (NO-STATUS-27)
- Patent not in force (NO-STATUS-28)
- Unknown (NO-STATUS-32)
2  Applicaton No. Yes  EPNNNNNNNN
3  Publication No. Yes EPNNNNNNN
4 Proprietor Yes All present proprietors are listed. If Sweden proprietors are different from European proprietors, only Sweden proprietors are listed
5 Invalidation date No  
6 Not in force since No  
7 Renewal fees last paid Yes Date of last payment of renewal fees and also the number of the renewal fee paid
8 Record last updated Yes Date of last update of the record
9 SPC No The data is planned to be provided in the future. At present deep linking to the SPC database is provided from the national patent database.

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