Information regarding General Power of Attorney

To represent a patent holder or applicant, a written Power of Attorney must often be submitted.

You will find rules on Power of Attorneys in chapter 2 of the Swedish Contracts Act (SFS 1915:218).

A principal who wants the agent to represent him or her in several cases may present a so-called General Power of Attorney. The concept of General Power of Attorney can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the context in which it is intended to be used in. This example of a General Power of Attorney, presented by PRV, is limited for use in patent-related matters and has been added due to customer requests.

Please note that this Power of Attorney is very basic. If you have a more complex situation or need, you must consider what effects the Power of Attorney will have on your business. The Power of Attorney is valid until it is revoked. Revocation is executed by destruction of the Power of Attorney document, or by a notice of revocation to the recipient of the Power of Attorney (for example the PRV if the Power of Attorney is used before the Swedish Intellectual Property Office).

Full power of substitution means that whoever is given the Power of Attorney may delegate that power by putting another person in his or her place. The advantage of full power of substitution is that the agent can be flexible in handling your matter, but the person/entity giving Power of Attorney loses control over who is handling the matter in their place.