The abstract should summarize the technical content of the application, so that an interested party can quickly see what the invention is about.

The abstract must include the problem to be solved, the basic principles for how the invention solves the problem and the invention's main use.

The abstract must be written on a separate page and be no more than 150 words long. Use reference terms when you use drawings to help illustrate the characterizing features of the invention.

The abstract only serves as information about the contents of your patent application and does not count as a basic document. This is important to remember as any changes you want to make to your patent application, for example in the patent claims, must be supported in the basic documents. Therefore, make sure all the important information about the invention can also be found in the description, patent claims and drawings, not only in the abstract.

When your application becomes public, the abstract and a figure are published in the Swedish Patent Gazette, in Swedish (Svensk Patenttidning) and the Swedish Patent Database.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)