The description should explain your invention. It begins with a short, factual title for the invention, and is followed by a text consisting of a general and a special part.

In the general part, you state the invention's area of use and present the problem to be solved. You also state what the solution itself is. Describe how your technical solution differs from prior art, meaning from those solutions that already exist. Feel free to refer to patent documents, articles in periodicals and so on.

In the special part, you describe the invention in detail, with concrete examples of how it can be implemented. If you use drawings, begin the special part with a brief list of the drawings. Describe the drawings in more detail in the text, not in the diagrams. Draw each diagram on a separate page.

The description must be comprehensive enough for a person skilled in that technical area to be able to apply the invention. It is important that all the information necessary to explain the invention is given from the start, as there is limited scope to change or supplement the description afterwards.