Here you can read more about the languages you can use.

Swedish patent application

Language of filing

The description, claims and abstract of a patent application must be written in Swedish or English. Text other than description, claims and abstract may be written in Swedish, English, Danish or Norwegian, and we can also accept German or French.

Language of grant

You must decide whether your potential patent is to be granted in the Swedish or the English language, and use that language for the description, claims and abstract of the application. If you have chosen English, you will have to submit a translation of the claims into Swedish, if and when PRV is about to grant a patent. The English claims will define the scope of the patent protection, while the translation is required mainly for information purposes.

Language of PRV's office actions and decisions

If the language of grant is to be English, you may also choose whether you want to receive our office actions and decisions in Swedish or English. Where a patent is to be granted in Swedish, however, we will always write to you in Swedish.

Why choose English?

The primary reason for submitting an application in English is of course that the applicant already has access to the description, claims and abstract in the English language. This is often the case where the applicant is a company with English as the corporate language. In many cases, it might also be easier to receive PRV's letters in English, e.g. where the agent or applicant is primarily English speaking. The patent protection per se is not dependent on the language of grant. Select the language that suits you best.

International patent application (PCT application)

New application

If the application is filed with PRV, it may be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or English. However, you must provide an English version well in advance of publication, i.e. no later than 14 months from the priority date, or the filing date where no priority is claimed. The actual application form (the Request) should be completed in English. WIPO accepts applications in all languages.

The national phase

To pursue your international application in Sweden, you are welcome to file a national application in either Swedish or English. Hence, you may be able to cut the costs for translations. As with all other Swedish patent applications to be granted in English, however, a Swedish translation of the claims will be required before grant.

Validation of a European patent in Sweden

Where the European patent was granted in English, you must translate the patent claims into Swedish. If the patent was granted in German or French, a translation of the description into Swedish or English must also be attached.