Do you want to build a strong trademark? Then the first step is to protect it, in order to prevent others from taking your idea. Contact us at PRV.

Why trademark protection?

A protected trademark is an important part of your business strategy and can lead to better business deals.

Why trademark protection?

Your trademark should be unique

Find out if your trademark is unique and does not infringe on someone else's.

Is your trademark unique?

Examples of trademarks

Here are some examples of trademarks to give you a picture of how different brands can be.

Examples of trademarks

What are the costs?

Here we tell you about fees and payment to register a trademark.

Fees and payment

Swedish Trademark Database

In the database you will find trademarks that have obtained registration in Sweden.

Swedish Trademark Database (opens in a new window)

Does your business have unutilised assets?

This test will help you identify and convert your intangible assets into valuable resources.

Test your business