European filing

If you want to file a European patent application, known as an EP application, you can file it directly with the EPO or through us at PRV. Read more here about how it works.

PRV conducts an initial review

Please note that PRV only carries out an initial review of the European applications. When we receive an EPC application, we do the following:

Check whether the invention could be of interest for defence.
Give the application an arrival date and an application number.
Forward your application to the EPO.
You can submit your European application to us by post, fax, in person at our reception desk or electronically. If you fax your application, you must also send the original documents by mail.

Electronic application to the PRV (online filing) 

The application fee is paid directly to the EPO. If you have questions about European applications, contact the EPO directly.

Submitting a European patent application

Your application may be in Swedish, but you must ensure that a translation into one of the EPO's official languages - English, German or French - is received by the EPO within 2 months.

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