Reception of an international application

If you live in Sweden or are a Swedish citizen or if your company is active here with a Swedish address, you can file your international application with PRV.

An international application is also known as a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application. If there are several of you applying with the same application, it is enough if one of you meets these requirements to be able to file the PCT application in Sweden.

Once PRV, in its capacity as the international receiving office (RO), has received your international application, we first conduct a formal check of the contents. It is primarily intended to see if all applicable parts of the application are present, if the fee has been paid and if you have requested so-called priority from an earlier application.

If PRV establishes that there are insufficiencies, we point this out in a notice to you. Once the insufficiencies are corrected, we can begin the technical examination of your PCT application.

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Examination phase – phase I 

Assessment phase – phase II

Complete your application


Fees for the international patent application

PCT forms, WIPO (external website)