If you do not want to or cannot exploit your invention yourself, you can sell or give away the patent or your patent application.

By selling the patent you surrender all rights to the invention. The advantages are that you get a sum of money and do not have to worry about marketing, manufacturing, commercial sales or market fluctuations.

If you have a patent in several countries, you can sell the rights in certain countries and keep them in others. Unitary patents are an exception as they are regional. It is only possible to transfer the ownership of a unitary patent for the entire region, although the right to use your invention can be licensed out locally.

If you assign your Swedish patent rights, you can request that we enter the changes in the patent register and the patent application diary. This does not apply to unitary patents, where the EPO is keeping record.

A change of patent applicant in the patent application diary is free, but an entry in the patent register after the patent has been granted is subject to a fee.

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