Use of the e-service, agreement and conditions

In order for you to be able to log in to the e-service, you must have applied in advance to be an authorized user for one or more cases. Here you can read how to apply to become an authorized user for your cases.

During the review process for a patent application, you can receive notices and other documents from PRV electronically through our E-service for patents. You need to be registered as an authorized user to access matters.

Register authorized user

When you apply for patents to PRV, you need to specify who or which people or group of people should have access to your patent case digitally. This is done in different ways depending on how you submit your application. See more information below

Register a group of authorized users

You can also register a group of authorized users by first applying for a Group ID. This can be good to do if you are several people at a company or agency that handles the applications.

Log in to the e-service

Edited 2024-02-08