Payment - trademarks

When you submit a trademark application you pay an application fee. The application fee is made up of a basic fee and a fee for each additional class after the first.

When you have paid the application fee PRV can start examining your application. The same goes for applications for recordals in trademark registrations.

The fee covers the examining cost

The application fee is not refundable if your application is cancelled or refused. The fee covers the cost of the examination of your application.

Trademark fees

Online application or paper application form

When you apply for a trademark registration through PRV’s online application you pay the fee directly via a credit or debit card.

A paper application form is paid via bankgiro. PRV will not send you an invoice.

In some cases, the application fee may be lower, for example if you apply through our online application instead of the paper form. However, if the online application contains non-validated goods and services the fee will be the same as if you apply with a paper form.  

Payment via bankgiro

Make the payment for your paper application form to bankgiro 5052-6797.

The following information is recommended that you state when you pay via bankgiro:

  • that the payment is regarding a trademark application
  • what type of application it is (renewal, transfer or the like)
  • the name of the applicant (not the name of any representative)
  • the applicant’s address
  • the application or registration number. If you do not know the number you can enter the text in the trademark.

Keep in mind that you may have limited space for commentary when you pay through the internet.  

International payments

PRV has changed the banking account for public fees. If you are in another country than Sweden this means that any payments should be made to a new account. See details below:

IBAN: SE6912000000012810111758


Bank address:
Danske Bank Sverige
Norrmalmstorg 1
Box 7523
103 92 Stockholm

To avoid additional fees, be careful when filling in the information for international payments.

  • The receiver’s (PRV, that is) bank should be stated as a BIC address (Bank Identifier Code, formerly SWIFT).
  • Our bank account number must be states as an IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
  • Using BIC along with IBAN will guarantee a successful transfer to our bank.

Deposit account

You can open a deposit account with PRV to easily pay your fees. PRV will make withdraws of all kinds of fees to the office - applications, annual fees, renewals and monitoring services.  

About deposit accounts

Additional information

PRV’s corporate identity number: 202100-2072
VAT no.: SE202100207201