Change information in your design registration

You can at any time during the registration period apply to make changes to your design registration.

Most changes can be made through our e-services. 

Right now, it takes around 8-10 weeks before you receive feedback. 

Then you receive a letter that notifies that the change is registered or you receive an office action if anything is missing.

Regardless of what change you will make, it is good to remember that: 

  • You must submit one application for each design you want to make a change to. 
  • PRV charges a fee for certain changes.  

Change of representative 

When you register a new representative, you must append an authorisation. The authorisation shows that the representative has a right to represent you as the holder. 

If you as the holder want to take away a representative from your design registration, you or your representative can do so. 

To the e-service Change or removal of representative (external website)

Transfer design

You can transfer your design registration to somebody else. You send in an application and a transfer document. You can either do so through our e-service Design Transfer or via a paper form. If you use a representative, we need an authorisation for the representative. 

To the e-service Design Transfer (external website)

Change of the holder’s name or company name 

If you as the design holder have a new name or company name, you must append an official authority document that verifies the change. 

To the e-service Change name/address of holder (external website)

Make an address change 

As a holder of a design registration, you can do an address change through PRV’s e-service or on a paper form. 

To the e-service Change name/address of holder (external website)

Limit the protection 

You can apply to limit the protection for your registered design by removing classes or models.

Deregister your design 

If you have a design registration that you want to remove from the design register, you can apply for deregistration at no cost. You apply by sending a letter to PRV. The letter shall be signed by you or your representative. If you use a representative, we need an authorisation for the representative.