Monitor your design registration

It is important to regularly monitor which appearances are registered as designs so that nobody else registers a design that is similar to yours.

The importance of monitoring your design registration

The number of registered products is constantly growing. If you keep track of what other people register, you can file opposition within two months of the registration date if you think that somebody is infringing on your registration. It is your responsibility as a holder to monitor your design registration.

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How to monitor your design 

If you continuously search in various databased for designs, you see what is happening in your area and can discover if somebody registers a design that is similar to yours. Here, we provide suggestions of Swedish and international design databases where you can conduct searches to obtain an overview. 

Registrations in Sweden 

The Swedish Design Database contains registered designs that apply in Sweden. Here, you can see pictures of registered products and get information as a holder and registration times. 

To the Swedish Design Database (external website)

Every week, PRV publishes in the Swedish Design Registration Journal new designs that have been registered and have design protection in Sweden. We also announce changes and corrections. 

To the Swedish Design Registration Journal

Registrations in other countries

To international registrations, DesignView (external website)

To international registrations, Hague Express (external website)

To international registrations, eSearch plus (external website)

Engage PRV consulting services

If you do not have time or relevant knowledge to conduct your own regular monitoring, you can engage PRV consulting services for a fee. We have extensive experience of search and monitoring services. 

PRV consulting services