Transfer design

A design registration is an asset. You can sell you design and thereby make money on it.

Apply to become the new holder 

If you and a buyer have agreed that the buyer will be registered as the new holder of the design, you or the buyer must send in an application for a new holder with an associated transfer agreement to PRV. 

Use our e-service Design Transfer, and append a transfer document. The form Transfer Confirmation contains all of the information we need for the transfer. If you want to append your own transfer document, it is just as well as long as it includes all of the requested information.

Transfer of design, e-service (external website)

Confirmation of transfer of design (pdf 191 kB)

Your application must include:

  • Application or registration number for the design. 
  • The new holder’s name, personal ID number, possible corporate ID number, and address. 
  • The previous holder’s name, personal ID number and possible corporate ID number. 
  • A confirmation that the application or registration has been transferred. 
  • Date when the design was transferred to the new holder.
  • Signature with name in block letters of you who has transferred the design, or your representative. 

Transfer of multiple design registrations

You must pay the application fee for each design application or registration that is to be transferred. 

Transfer document in a different language 

If the transfer document is not in Swedish or English, PRV may request that you send in a translation that certifies that it matches the original document. 

Transfer upon bankruptcy or liquidation 

If you as the person transferring a design registration have entered liquidation or bankruptcy, it is the bankruptcy receiver or liquidator who must sign the transfer agreement. 

Conduct a check of the holder 

A transfer that is done properly is legally binding. It is therefore important that you carefully check that the person who transfers an application or registration of a design to you has the right to do so and it the legal holder.

Time until notification

Right now, it takes around 2-3 weeks before you receive feedback. Then you receive a letter that notifies that the transfer is registered or an office action if anything is missing.

Fees for designs