Order certificates

You can order a certificate for a fee.

Registration certificate for a design

A registration certificate is a written certificate of your registered design. The certificate includes:

  • registration number
  • graphic rendering of the protected design
  • information on who owns the right to the design

The registration certificate is automatically issued upon registration, but you can also order a new copy afterwards. The information in the certificate is based on the content in our registers.

Priority certificate for a design 

If you submitted a design application in Sweden for a product and want to apply for protection for it abroad, you can request priority from the Swedish application. Your foreign application is then considered to have been filed at the same time as your Swedish application.

Some countries require you to enclose a priority certificate from PRV. 

You order a priority certificate and registration certificate via PRV’s customer support for a fee. Telephone: +46 (0)8-782 28 00 

E-mail to kundsupport@prv.se

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