Licensing your design registration

A registered design is an asset. You can give somebody else the right to use your registered design and thereby make money on it.

Application for registration of a licensing agreement 

A licence can be registered in PRV’s design register. The validity of the licensing agreement is not dependent on it being in the design register, but the licensee can then more easily monitor the validity of their licence.

Both you as a holder of a design registration, and you as a licensee can apply to have the licensing agreement registered in PRV’s registers. You apply via the form Application for registration of a licensing agreement.

Download PDF: Application for registration of a licensing agreement (pdf 165 kB)

This must be included in the application 

  • An original copy of the licensing agreement, a certified copy or excerpt of the document that shows the section that concerns the design
  • The license holder’s name or company name and address 

In your application, you can write in more information that you want entered into our design register. For example, that the licence: 

  • is exclusive or non-exclusive 
  • is limited in time 
  • is geographically limited
  • is valid for specific design registrations or appearances

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