Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

6 January, 2014 PRV joined the global pilot cooperation on PPH (GPPH) with other Patent Offices. The Pilot concerns both national patent applications and international patent applications (PCT) and replaces the earlier bilateral agreements on PPH that PRV has with the American, Japanese and Korean Patent Offices. The advantage of GPPH compared to the previous bilateral PPH agreements is that GPPH constitutes a common regulatory framework for all the GPPH affiliated Offices, which facilitates administration for applicants who do not have to adapt to different rule systems. PPH means that an applicant, who has filed an application to a PPH Patent Office and received a positive opinion about the patentability of at least one claim in a patent application, may, when filing a corresponding application to another PPH Patent Office, request expedited processing by filing a PPH request.

Regulatory framework for GPPH

For additional information on the regulatory framework see GPPH 
Here you will find in addition to the regulatory framework, information on which countries have joined GPPH. The page is regularly updated.


For additional information about PPH, see the PPH-portal 


GPPH request form PRV
Notes on participation in the Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) Pilot Programme

Bilateral PPH agreement with the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO)

PRV has signed a pilot agreement on PPH with SIPO which will enter into force 1 July 2014. The agreement covers national and international applications (PCT). The pilot agreement concerning PPH between SIPO and PRV has been prolonged and will thus be valid also after 1 July 2016, for an unlimited period, if not terminated before by any of the Offices or due to the event that SIPO join the GPPH (see above).

Below you will find links to guidelines for the procedure and request form.

Guidelines for PPH request to SIPO (In English)
Guidelines for PPH request to SIPO (In Chinese)
Guidelines for PPH request to PRV (In English)
Guidelines for PPH request to PRV (In Chinese)

PPH request form PRV (PCT and national applications)

Further information

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