We close the e-services for trademark and design November 22-28

From Tuesday November 22nd until Monday November 28th, the e-services for trademark and design will be closed.

We therefore recommend that, if possible, you send your cases via our e-services well in advance of November 22. If this is not possible and you need to submit something in a trademark or design matter November 22-28, please use our paper forms.

Trademark forms

Please note that you will then also have to pay the fee for application via paper or other service.

Fees - trademarks

The reason we are closing the systems is that we are making a major update to the systems. This update will also affect our ability to perform trademark and design search services or express assignments.

How PRV's consulting services are affected

Please contact our customer support at: kundsupport@prv.se or 08-782 28 00 if you have any questions.