Filing your PCT

There are problems in the PCT client when submitting in the e-service eOLF where you cannot fill in SE as ISA authority.

EPO has made improvements to the e-service, but during updates, SE was not included as an ISA authority. EPO is working to solve the problem.

Until the e-service works as it should, we ask you as a customer to contact PRV for help and guidance on how to get around this obstacle as an applicant.

Various alternatives that we suggest and guide around:

  • Fill in another authority in eOLF but add an attachment and write in the information box "Annotate" that you want to change and want SE as ISA authority.
  • Use e-PCT for submission to WIPO.
  • Order an e-PCT certificate, via Online Filing on PRV's website, after which you can submit your PCT application.

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