New practice within Convergence Programmes

Sweden join CP10 on September 15th to harmonize practices in the EU regarding trademark and design law.

On April 1th, a new practice has been adopted by the EUIPO, CP10. Sweden implement the new practice on September 15th.

The EU intellectual property offices cooperate within the framework of the convergence programs. The purpose of the collaboration is to harmonize practices in the EU regarding various specific sub-areas of trademark and design law. The authorities have now agreed on a common practice regarding criteria for assessing disclosure of designs on the internet. The purpose is to provide solid guidance on what applies to different forms of publication on different types of platforms available on the Internet. The document can be used to ensure that the evidence provided in the objection case contains adequate information.

It is important to emphasize that the document, like other CP documents, is not a source of law. It should be regarded as a guide in relation to the assessment of previous publication of designs.

Link to CP10 at EUIPO (external website)

Guidance CP10 in Swedish (pdf at EUIPO)

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