Film: illegal streaming activities

PRV has been tasked by the Government with improving the general public’s knowledge of copyright and helping to change attitudes to streaming and illegal downloading.

The aims include decreasing the use of illegal streaming websites and making it easier and safer to find and choose legal alternatives.

On the webpage you'll find legal content within music, film, TV, e-books, computer games and sport events. stream leagally (external website)

Each year criminal networks make millions of kronor from illegal streaming. This money comes from advertisements on illegal websites and is used for other criminal activities. The purpose of our film is to inform the public of this.

In the film, we follow a fictional professional criminal who gives us a tour of his swanky house. He proudly shows off his multifarious criminal activities, which have been made possible with the aid of advertisement money from his illegal streaming services. The film concludes with him thanking everyone who contributes to his lifestyle through their use of illegal streaming.

Edited 2021-05-26