International protection

There are different routes that you can take to get design protection.

The route you choose depends on whether you want to protect your design in Sweden or whether you want protection in other countries too – and if so, which ones. Deciding what to do also depends on what product the protection is for, which countries you want to sell the product in and if you are planning to sell on the exclusive rights to the design or keep them yourself.


In many cases, it can be best to first apply for design protection in Sweden. Then later, within the priority period, you can expand the scope of protection to cover the whole of the EU. This gives you time to decide whether or not you want to apply for protection throughout the EU.

Different routes

A Community design means you can protect your design throughout the EU with just one application. If you want to protect your design outside of the EU, you can use the international registration system. The international registration system also makes it possible to protect a design in several countries with just one application. Alternatively, you can apply for protection directly to individual countries with separate applications.

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