Illustration: Above the mist av Louise Meijer

Intellectual property rights for games developers

Here, we have put together some information and advice about intellectual property rights for games developers. Why do you need to keep track of patents, trademarks, designs and copyright?

Register your trademark

Obtain registrations in prospective markets before you start building your trademark.

Registering trademarks

Take care of your copyright

As a games developer, you will automatically become the copyright holder.


Establish non-disclosure agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are necessary when you disclose your idea for a game before it has reached the market.

Non-disclosure agreements

Make an intellectual property rights strategy

Intangible assets are not physical. Yet they are still very obvious and can be worth a lot of money.

Intellectual property rights strategy

The publishers have a specific role

Publishers are important in the games industry. They both publish and market games and invest in projects and games developers.

The role of the publishers

Listen to trend-setting industry people

Learn more about and be inspired by trend-setting voices within the games industry.

Interviews with trend-setting industry people 

Illustration: Above the mist by Louise Meijer.