Advisers and incubators

In order to develop your idea or game more quickly, it can be a good idea to enlist the help of an adviser or incubator.

In Sweden, there are many people who can help you both to develop your idea and to boost the growth of your company.

  • Advisers can give you useful tips and advice about everything from strategies to the type of protection that may be relevant for your game.
  • The primary purpose of an incubator is to assist recently established companies and boost their growth and profitability. Incubators are often linked to universities or university colleges and provide companies with an excellent environment in which to develop and grow. Incubators offer everything from office places to a network of expertise which can provide solid guidance for your business and game development.
“In the student world, things are often very volatile. Skills come and go in projects. I often ask my students and businesses what the ownership situation is like,” says adviser Tomas Ahlström. 

Innovation adviser Tomas Ahlström from LiU Innovation gives his advice to young games developers. 

Here are some examples of advisers and incubators who can help you: 

The Game Incubator, Skövde (external website)

Gameport, Blekinge (external website)

Minc, Malmö (external website)

STING, Stockholm (external website)

Drivhuset, works closely with university colleges throughout the country (external website)

On The Swedish Games Industry’s website, you will find tips about more organisations (external website)

The information given on this page will increase your awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights in the games industry. We recommend you contact a legal expert for advice and tips regarding what will apply to your particular business.