Technical literature

To determine if a technical solution already exists, we suggest that you complement a patent database search with a technical literature search.

BiblioteksSök provides access to scientific publications – journals, books and articles both printed and electronic – which describe technical innovations in various fields of research.

BiblioteksSök (external website)

Espacenet is a rapidly growing online database allowing you access to almost 90 million international patent documents. Searches can be performed both in English, German and French.

Espacenet (external website)

PRV:s online Swedish Patent Database provides complete access to Swedish patents, Swedish public patent applications and European patents validated in Sweden. The patent database includes documents from 1885 until present day. Searches can be performed in both Swedish and English.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

To find out if your idea is unique visit the library, browse BiblioteksSök and perform a search in our fulltext databases. For best results - book guidance beforehand and make the most of your visit.

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