If you want to change to a completely new surname, you must apply to us at PRV. If you have applied to us and changed surname before, you must be able to give special reasons for changing your name again.

Your application for a newly formed surname is examined

When we receive your application, we first check to make sure it has been correctly completed and signed. We then examine your surname suggestions in the order listed in the application. If your first choice cannot be approved, your second or third choice might be approved and published. Therefore, it is important that you could imagine being called all of your name suggestions. If none of your choices can be approved, you are welcome to make new suggestions free of charge.

Online surname suggestions service

Do you want to change surname, but are having trouble finding one that suits you? You can use our online surname suggestions service, which makes your choice of a new surname easier. By choosing a beginning and an ending, you can guide the composition of your proposed name. Your choices are compiled in a list of name suggestions, from which you can freely choose the best ones for you.
Surname suggestions

Making up your own surname

You can, of course, make up your own surname. A new surname must meet certain requirements.
Personal name requirements