Keep your invention secret

Maybe your idea is an invention worth patenting. One of the requirements for an invention to be patentable is that it is new so you need to be careful when you show your invention to someone or when you talk about it.

To ensure that the concerned parties understand the importance of confidentiality, it might be a good idea to draw up a confidentiality agreement before discussing your invention. The Swedish Inventors’ Association and ALMI Företagspartner, among others, have examples of confidentiality agreements on their websites.

The contents of your patent application are kept secret at the Swedish Intellectual Property Office for up to 18 months from the date of filing. If you reveal your invention before applying for a patent you lose the possibility of being granted a patent.

Your invention must not have been:

  • Made public, for example, through a publication, a lecture, an interview, a radio broadcast, a film or a video,
  • Demonstrated so that it can be considered as known,
  • Sold so that it can be considered as known,
  • Talked about among your friends and acquaintances,
  • Tested in a place where anyone could have seen it.

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