As of the filing date, certain information in your application is public.

The information that becomes public is, for example, the application number and your name and address.

After 18 months

The content of your application will be kept confidential for up to 18 months from the filing date, or priority date if applicable. When 18 months have passed, the application is made public, unless it has been rejected or dismissed by then. An application will be dismissed if you withdraw it or if you fail to reply to a notice.

PRV publishes the patent summary and a possible drawing in the Swedish Patent Gazette. Anyone can then access the content of the application in the Swedish Patent Database. So, when your application has gone public, others can read it.

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

If we have granted your application

If we have granted your application within 18 months of the filing or priority date, the content becomes public as we grant the patent. It is then available in our library and also in the Swedish Patent Gazette.

You can request that we wait with the grant, and thus the publication, until the 18 months have passed. A condition is that you have paid the granting fee.

Some applications will not be made public

If your application has been rejected, withdrawn by you or cancelled before the 18-month day, we will not publish it. If the prospect of patents seems small, and you want to keep your invention to yourself, you can choose to withdraw your application well in advance before 18 months so that it does not go public.