The application process

Here you can read more about the processing time for an application and how to appeal against a decision.

Examination of an application

PRV will check that your application is formally correct and that all the necessary documents have been included. If anything is lacking or incorrect, you will be served a notice which you must reply to. For example, it could be that your application has not been completed correctly, is missing the certificate of freedom from trusteeship, has the wrong address details or that the fee has not been paid.

When the application is complete, the title of the periodical will be examined. It must not be easy to confuse with the title of a periodical which already has a certificate of publication. If it is decided that the titles are too similar and easily confused with one another, you will be informed of that and be able to submit a new title suggestion. If PRV does not receive a suggestion which it can approve, your application will be rejected. You can appeal against PRV's decision.