Withdrawing a certificate of publication

If you consider a certificate of publication to be too similar to your own, you can request that it be withdrawn.

PRV can withdraw an issued certificate of publication with the support of the following provisions:

  1. If the owner has given notification that publication has ended.
  2. If ownership of the periodical has been transferred to someone who does not meet the qualification requirements.
  3. If there is no responsible editor or if the responsible editor does not meet the set qualification requirements and a qualified responsible editor is not immediately appointed.
  4. If six months have passed since the date of issue of the certificate of publication, without the periodical being published.
  5. If the periodical which the certificate relates to has not, in any of the last two years, at special times, been published at least four times or half that.
  6. If, within six months of the periodical being published for the first time, it becomes apparent that the certificate should not have been issued.
  7. If the title of the periodical is typographically so similar to the title of another periodical that already has a certificate of publication, that they can be easily confused with one another and that a correction is not made immediately.

If PRV has withdrawn a certificate of publication or if it has lapsed, PRV still cannot issue a certificate of publication for another periodical with an easily confused title, without the consent of the periodical's owner and before two years have passed since notification of the decision regarding withdrawal or since the certificate lapsed.

Form for withdrawing a certificate

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