Commercial advantage through intellectual property rights

Generate profitability using your intangible assets! Intangible assets are the enterprise’s resources which are not physical. An enterprise’s value often lies entirely in its intangible assets. Enterprises that develop and protect their intangible assets are characterised by higher levels of growth, profitability and development than those who fail to do so.

Examples of intangible assets 

  • Name of the enterprise, product or service
  • Logotype for the enterprise, product or service
  • Design and appearance
  • Text, photographs, music and film
  • Computer programs, computer games and apps
  • Internal manuals and working methods
  • Business concepts or models
  • Expertise and specialist knowledge
  • Customer registers
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Databases
  • Inhouse-developed technology
  • Research results
  • Results of development work

Reasons to safeguard your intangible assets

A carefully considered strategy for managing your enterprise’s intangible assets can: 

  • be used to develop the business strategy.
  • accelerate the enterprise’s growth through the identification of opportunities and deficiencies.
  • make the enterprise more attractive to potential investors and business partners.
  • be used for marketing purposes.
  • scare off competitors.

PRV School online for people who want to find out more 

What requirements must be met in order for me to obtain trademark or design protection? What does having a patent mean? And what are the requirements for protecting something by copyright? At the PRV School, you can learn about intangible assets and rights, illustrated with interesting examples from the real world.
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